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How it Works

As a business owner, I like to know exactly what I'm paying for. That's why I designed these flat-rate services to set clear expectations that I hold my business accountable to.

  • Know what you're getting, when you're getting it

  • No surprise fees

  • Collaborative engagement

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1. Kickoff Call

This is where we talk about your needs, goals, etc. and really dig into what sorts of packages could be a good fit.

After our call, I send over a formal proposal with recommended options and prices.

Simply choose which one(s) will work for you, complete the project initiation deposit*, and we're off to the races! 


*Usually 20-50% of the total project. Additional discounts may be available for full upfront payment.

Image by Scott Graham

2. Onboarding

In many cases, we'll need to set me up with limited access to the backend of your website, CMS, or Google search console. I can help guide that process as needed--always happy to sign any NDAs of course!


Please let me know if you have a specific liability insurance requirement for Jason Hewett LLC. 

Image by Scott Graham
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3. Drafts and Early Deliverables

At this milestone, we review drafts, strategy, and/or data and insights. Most clients like to do this over a virtual call, but we can also collaborate over email, slack, etc. if preferred. 

For our call, I'll come prepared with deliverables and/or presentations; we discuss, and I take note of your feedback in order to deliver to your satisfaction. 

Many clients like to purchase additional articles and/or copywriting projects at this phase--I'll send you an addendum to the proposal shortly thereafter so we can keep rolling.

Image by Scott Graham

4. Finalizing

This is where we wrap up the project–everything will be delivered to you ready-to-go, including any decks that include insights and recommendations for SEO audits, keyword research data, etc.

At this point, you'll be able to take care of the remaining project balance and transition into another project!

Image by Scott Graham
Image by Myriam Jessier

5. Monitor

Your content is written and launched--how's it doing? Let's continue to look for opportunities to grow your business and influence. 

This is a monthly subscription service that can be cancelled any time.

Most clients like to purchase this as an add-on to projects, but this can also be a great standalone option for those who want to look at ways of optimizing content production or performance. 

Let's Work Together

As your vendor partner, your success is my success.


If you have any questions about these services or working together, please feel free to get in touch using the form below! 

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