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SEO helps your business grow "organically" in other words, people find your business when they have a question you can answer and/or are looking for solutions you provide.

My job as an SEO Consultant is to 

1. Determine what are your customers looking for

2. Help them find it on your website  

3. Show them how your business offers solutions

By doing these three things, your traffic will increase. You'll rank higher on Google, but most importantly you'll have a larger and growing audience to market to. 

Which SEO Service Sounds Right For You?

Website Update

You're not ready for a blog and just want to get a boost of traffic for your website

Best for: Local businesses, artists, e-commerce stores

Content Writing

You have an SEO team and just need someone to regularly write good content that's on-brand

Best for: 

One Man Agency

Hire a one-man agency or marketing team includes a blog and social media management, outreach and more

Best for: Businesses looking to build online presence

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