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SEO or search engine optimization is the "natural" way people find your website, listing, or content. 


Knowing how to use it helps me...

  • Get discovered for acting roles I'm actually right for

  • Sell faster on eBay

  • Generate more traffic for clients like you!

How SEO Works

When you type something into a search bar, for instance when you google something, you are telling google to search the internet for the words that you type into the box.

Those are called "keywords."


There are programs like Google Analytics that you can use to determine what keywords people are searching for, for example it helps to know if and how many of your potential customers are searching for

"SEO Specialists" or "SEO Copywriters" or "SEO Gurus"

You never know what people are actually searching for until you do a little research.

Whatever they're searching for the most, you want to feature on your website, so that it will be easier for search engines to find you, whether that's on google, eBay, or Backstage.

So yes actors, your name is probably going to be one of your keywords, but so are your characteristics.

As in, how a casting director would look for them.

And by the way you can't just type in "SEO SEO SEO" a thousand times on your website. A lot of search engines will catch that and mark you as spam.


Plus your customers will see that, instead of your product, your personality, your sense of humor. 

Don't be that guy. 

Get your SEO done by a professional--someone who can write in your voice and use keywords so that they blend in with your branding message. 

My ecommerce store Jaso General has generated over $20,000 in sales selling all sorts of random items on eBay... 

Because my listings get found faster with Search Engine Optimized titles and descriptions.

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