I'll often be catching up with a friend over a beer or coffee and find myself geeking out about the things I learn from the brands I work with.


There's just always something about

Who you are,

Why you're in business,

What industry insights you have,

How you're paving the way for a better future.

It all comes together in the story of your brand. I love telling those stories.

I have a unique talent for combining my ability to analyze raw data and algorithmic language with my passion for storytelling.


Oftentimes I feel like a translator between search engines and people, but that's exactly where I love to be to keep the conversations going.


It's what helps people discover the amazing work you're doing. 


Currently Based in: Brooklyn, NY

Born: Abington, PA (Near Philadelphia)

Hometown: Middletown, DE

College: University of Delaware

BA English (Creative Writing Concentration)

Spanish Minor

Favorite Project: Write a Play Tour 2015-2016: touring Florida to teach over 50,000 elementary school students how to write plays after performing student-written plays as examples.

Most Difficult Project: Designing this website



A decorated SEO copywriter and creative professional who wields cutting-edge digital tools and a natural aptitude for SEO copywriting to enhance the visibility of a diverse range of products.


Highly adept at harmonizing the vision of cross-functional creative teams to bring to life compelling stories on behalf of brands across the mediums of blog posts, videos, podcasts, and social media.


Seeking creative challenges and freelance opportunities that entail assembling vibrant
content and engagement strategies for brands whose products enrich consumers' lives.

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