Jason Hewett is a New York City transplant from Delaware. He started acting, producing, and writing professionally while studying at the University of Delaware.


He’s best known for his passion, enthusiasm, and sense of humor.


When Jason's not creating and performing, he can be found wishing he was creating and performing.


Jason Hewett wrote his first novel at 14, and penned more than five before graduating high school. He published dozens of articles, poems, short stories, and screenplays while a student at the University of Delaware majoring in English.. 


“I took English because I was interested in writing, and I wanted to improve my craft above all else,” said Hewett. “I learned how to analyze text and write persuasively, which helped me learn how to pitch and distinguish myself from other writers.”


While a student, he began writing for publications including The Review, Gluten Free Philly, and then professionally for Osage Associates (AstraZeneca) as a creative consultant. He worked in marketing before leaving the corporate world to pursue freelance writing in 2018, and his success story was featured in How to Write and Get Paid: 11 Case Studies of Freelance Writing Success by Jacob Jans.


Since then Jason Hewett has written search engine optimized (SEO) content for reputable brands like Traeger Grills, and emerging opinion leaders such as Lieberman Clinical Services. His specialty is creating engaging content that is discoverable by search engines and engaging for readers. His strategy is to attract and retain ideal customers by building community around the brand, and positioning the brand as an industry opinion leader. 


Jason also writes regularly about men’s health and living with type one diabetes. He translates English and Spanish and was named among New York's Best Emerging poets by Z Publishing in 2019. 


Currently Based in: Brooklyn, NY

Born: Abbington, PA (Near Philadelphia)

Hometown: Middletown, DE

College: University of Delaware

Favorite Project: Write a Play Tour 2015-2016: touring Florida to teach over 50,000 elementary school students how to write plays after performing student-written plays as examples.

Most Difficult Project: Designing this website






After graduating from University of Delaware and finding success with student and self-produced shows, Jason took an opportunity to intern at Florida Studio Theatre as an Acting Apprentice, where he worked in all areas of theater and studied with resident and guest instructors in movement, voice, and improv.

Recently he took the stage as Alex, the lead in Sigh No More which premiered in New York City (pictured left.) 


Jason is typically cast as a classic All-American leading man, a rustic laborer, soldier, or a young dad. Hewett has excellent stage presence and comedic timing. He excels in over-the-top comedic roles, and also brings an impressive level of depth and warmth in serious situations.​


Jason has been doing accents all his life. At five years old he was able to distinguish and mimic his grandmother’s Rhode Island accent from his neighbor’s Australian accent and recite phrases in three languages. Jason’s gift for dialects led him to learning Spanish fluently, and basic proficiency in several other languages. 


Hewett’s career in voice acting kicked off with the bestselling audiobook Dentistry for Millennials. 

Jason Hewett is best known for voicing the tagline of Stanford School of Business and characters in Solo Honeymoon, Extra Pulp, There Goes the Neighbourhood, Fallout, and Jesus Heals a Paralytic in Lego. Jason performs regularly on Living Radio in New York City.


Jason fulfilled a lifelong dream to perform stand-up comedy at age 20, at the University of Delaware’s first student stand-up showcase. Following that he co-founded the Delaware Comedy club, where he hosted free community workshops and a profitable monthly stand up comedy competition. He was honored to be a featured performer in several subsequent student shows, and have the opportunity to open for visiting comics including Tracy Ashley, Jerrod Carmichael, Jesus Trejo, and others. 

Jason made his stand-up debut in New York City performing in his second language with El Barrio, a Spanish language comedy collective. He took introductory classes with El Barrio and then advanced classes in English with Laughing Buddha, where he was featured in the New Talent Showcase in March 2020. Jason Hewett joined the independent improv troupe Diagnosis Improv which performs regularly at the Peoples Improv Theater.


Jason Hewett performs standup and improv around the city usually in English and just as happily in Spanish. 

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