"Oh my Gosh you were so wonderful. Please quit your day job!"

--Audience member, Sigh No More New York, NY  2019

"I want to be a Jason when I grow up so I can be a big goofball on stage and make people laugh. The one where you dreamed you married a chicken was my favorite. But I also liked the skit you did where you cried because you missed your dog. Was that a true story?"

--Third grade audience member of Write a Play Tour, Sarasota, FL 2015

Nothing could more accurately describe what I do and where I come from as a performer. I learned the value of being authentic on stage thanks to the most brutally honest audience on earth: children. 

The comedy didn't come as easy to me as I thought. You have to be mindful of your timing, their energy, and most of all the truth underneath the story: the idea that a kid would marry a chicken was hilarious to them--the truth that we all experience and express love differently, and discovering how to celebrate that shamelessly was as invaluable a lesson for me as it was my audience. And finding that truth was what got the biggest laugh and applause.


Fake crying would get me laughed off the stage by third graders. But figure out how to make it real, and you can feel the ground shake as a hundred jaws hit the floor.

I'm not sure how effective I was at inspiring the youth or changing lives, but I made it my mission to spread as much joy as possible. If I could make one kid laugh--if I could make one kid's day--that's the same objective I have for everything I do today, no matter how old or young my audiences are.

"I literally never go to the theater because it's usually like... no offense... but I really really liked that show."

--Kelly W, Sigh No More New York, NY  2019

"How do you speak Spanish and do all those accents if you're not from Australia or whatever?"

--Fifth grade audience member of Write a Play Tour, Bradenton, FL 2015

"Just try it, Jason. If you like making all those jokes in class, you'll love improv. Trust me."

--My mom, Middletown, DE 2004

"Dude, I like never go to the theater but that was awesome."

--Peter S. Newark, DE Dracula 2012


Currently Based in: Brooklyn, NY

Born: Abbington, PA (Near Philadelphia)

Hometown: Middletown, DE

College: University of Delaware

Favorite Project: Write a Play Tour 2015-2016: touring Florida to teach over 50,000 elementary school students how to write plays after performing student-written plays as examples.

Most Difficult Project: Designing this website





"My dad's name is Jason, but he's really cool."

--Fourth grade audience member of Write a Play Tour, Naples, FL 2015

"Mr Jason, I really enjoyed the show. But you should be careful--you have really big feet and for a second I thought you were going to fall off the stage."

--Second grade audience member of Write a Play Tour, Sarasota FL 2015

"Thank you for auditioning. Unfortunately we do not have a role for you at this time."

--1,000s of casting directors around the world.

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