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An SEO Travel Blog by Ernest Hemingway

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

This is a series where we explore the untapped potential of fiction writing for SEO blogging and marketing. When asked to choose a legendary author to write SEO content, voters decided Ernest Hemingway.

An American author known for pioneering a style of short sentences and brevity, let's see how Hemingway would write an SEO travel blog:


They say quiet towns keep the best secrets. Hemnest is both the exception and the rule. It is no secret that there are lots of fish in Hemnest. The tour guides say 'the best fishing spots in Hemnest are anywhere you can cast a line.'

The secret is where to find the biggest fish in Hemnest.

Where Are the Biggest Fish In Hemnest?

We only know where the biggest fish were caught. Where the biggest fish are remains a mystery.

The most popular fishing areas have had their stocks depleted. The fish you can still catch in those areas are young and will nibble at anything. There are still big fish worth catching in Hemnest. They are selective when it comes to bait, and are known to break lines with ease.

Some locals say the biggest fish in Hemnest have scissors for teeth. Maybe that’s how they always get away.

Or maybe you just haven’t caught them yet.

Best Place to Go Fishing In Hemnest For Trout: Bear Creek

The creek is cold. It is abundant with trout. There is a waterfall just a few miles from the parking lot where you can find the biggest trout in Hemnest. There are always trout to catch because there are no bears in the creek. It was named after mayor Theodore E Bear, who served as mayor from 1901-1909.

The largest trout ever caught in Hemnest were all found near the waterfall and caught using insect lures. According to local fishing guide Henry Armwell, the trout like to gather under low-hanging branches and wait for insects to fall.

Use an insect lure under a low-hanging tree where they’re used to finding all kinds of bugs. It’s so easy to catch them you could use a net. Or you can just shoot them.

When you’re done fishing you can float down the river in a tube. It’s fun.

Best Place to Go Fishing for Pike in Hemnest: Lake Grande

Lake Grande is the top attraction in Hemnest. It is so vast, locals call it “the ocean.” Legend has it the biggest fish that ever lived in Hemnest was caught in Lake Grande.

The man said to have caught it was Francisco Marviejo, who had rowed himself all the way out to the middle of the lake. He didn’t expect to find any fish there. He just wanted to get as far away from his wife as possible.

After spending a few days out on the lake, Francisco returned with a skeleton of a pike. The rest of it had been devoured by snapping turtles. He claimed the fish was so big it couldn’t swim through a tire.

Lake Grande is good for more than just fishing. There are designated swimming areas and relaxing beaches. Dogs are not allowed on the beaches of Lake Grande, but they do make good bait.

Best Catfishing in Hemnest: Farmer Johnson’s Pond

Hugh Johnson owns the land that used to be Lake Belatolla. The biggest fish ever caught in Hemnest lived there, a catfish which weighed 76 pounds.

Johnson still keeps a stock of catfish in his lake. You can lure them with bait or by hand. Keep what you catch for $15 per head. Sometimes Johnson joins you on the water. He likes to talk. The other day I was fishing and he came over.

“Catch any fish today?” He asked me.


“Want a drink?”


“Come on, have a drink.”


He poured us each a shot. We drank. It was good.

“This one’s on the house,” he said.

I felt a tug on my line. It felt like the pond was trying to swallow me. I hoped he meant the fish.

The Sun Also Rises in Hemnest

Hemnest is a great town if you like fishing. You can explore the history of Hemnest. You can visit Hemnest to get away. And who knows, you might even make a new friend over a drink.

If the best fishing spots in Hemnest are wherever you cast a line, be sure to use good bait. That way you can catch the big ones. Reeling them in is sure to put some hairs on your chest. So will Johnson’s whiskey.

Book your next fishing trip to Hemnest by clicking here.


Excited to go fishing?

While Hemnest is as fictional as Hemingway's classic novels, getting creative with your blogs can inspire readers in unique ways.

Whether you're working with fiction, parody, or both, the keywords that can get your website discovered by search engines are hidden in plain sight. That's because human readers don't care about your SEO score--they just want to enjoy the ride you're taking them on with this type of content.

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