SEO Copywriting & Strategy

I'm an SEO copywriter and strategist.


  • The SEO helps your ideal customers discover your website.

  • The copywriting inspires them to support your business.

  • The strategy keeps your brand on track to becoming an opinion leader in your industry.

Together, we'll make your business hard to miss.



 Jason Hewett specializes in SEO copywriting, combining a unique background in journalism, content writing, copywriting, E-commerce product listing, and SEO to provide engaging content that has been proven to increase engagement, conversions, and sales.

A decorated SEO copywriter and creative professional who wields cutting-edge digital tools and a natural aptitude for SEO copywriting to enhance the visibility of a diverse range of businesses.

Highly adept at harmonizing the vision of cross-functional creative teams to bring to life compelling stories on behalf of brands across the mediums of blog posts, videos, podcasts, and social media.


An SEO Copywriter taking notes


A copywriter creates the voice of your brand.  A wordsmith that crafts messaging that is compelling, persuasive, informative, and above all else AUTHENTIC.

It's all about playing to your strengths and appealing to the needs and values of your customers.

  • Social Media Copywriting

  • Website Copy

  • Blog Copywriting

  • UX Writing

  • B2B Copywriting


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  • Jason is a swift and efficient SEO specialist whose expertise has enriched a range of technical projects that I have looped him into. 


  • His knowledge of best practices in SEO and his ability to convert complex information into accessible terms is an asset to clients and collaborators alike.

--Daniel Catalan, NaM Studio

Sustainable wardrobe sustainable fashion


Blogging | Web Copy | Social Media Copy | Editing

These long-form blogs are designed to help new customers discover the Classic T-shirt Company and raise awareness about environmental sustainability in fashion.


  • Satisfied customers who are proud to support the brand.

  • 47.95% increase in page views. 

  • Entrances increased by 106.6%.

  • Featured in Vogue 2021.