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Copywriting Services

I offer writing services including and not limited to


  • Copywriting

  • Copy editing 

  • Website copywriting (and SEO)

  • Landing page copywriting (and SEO)

  • Blogging (and SEO)

  • Whitepapers and eBooks

  • Guest posts

  • Email 

  • Social Media Posts (and hashtags)

  • Scriptwriting (and YouTube SEO)

I Also Have Provided the following Services Professionally:

  • Speech writing

  • Song lyric writing and poetry

  • Lesson plans and curriculums

  • Stories 

  • Fiction

  • Ghostwriting

  • Translation and Transcreation (Spanish, Portuguese to English)

Credit Retainers

For editing services, general consulting, and ad-hoc assignments, most clients enjoy purchasing 2-6 credits in advance for the month (give or take, depending on the project)


Unused credits do not expire and may be refunded. 

I will be happy to sign NDAs provide a proposal or statement of work specific to your needs. 

Flat Rate Package Process

1. Kickoff call The kickoff call is where we discuss the vision and goals for your business. Specifically, we are going to define what audience(s) we want to be able to find your website. 2. First draft review ​ I will deliver a first draft for your review and approval. ​ 3. Revisions round I ​ Most clients like to leave comments or suggested line edits in the google doc, I usually address these edits within a few days and then let you know when finished. Your feedback and line edits are welcome, because they help me understand how to better deliver content going forward, and cut down on revision time as we continue working together.  ​ 4. Revisions round II (optional) ​ If the copy still needs some tweaking to nail your desired brand voice, this is where we take another stab at it. Usually regularly published content like blogs or emails will not need more than one round of revisions, but it's not uncommon for something like a homepage to need multiple rounds. ​ 5. Revisions round III (optional, short-form copy only)  ​ Copywriting packages for landing pages, social media posts, press releases, and other prominent content have multiple rounds of revisions built into the price. This gives us a sufficient amount of time to dedicate to the creative process and exploring different possibilities.

Content Writing Service FAQ

​How long does it usually take? Depending on availability and complexity of the assignment, I can usually have a blog article ready 1-2 weeks. Most blog packages deliver drafts on a weekly or biweekly basis. If your article or script doesn’t need SEO, I can usually deliver in 2-5 business days.  ​ Will you be writing the blogs or outsourcing them? I cannot outsource writing assignments because all of my services follow specific procedures that are unique to Jason Hewett LLC. I oversee the creation of all deliverables personally and usually do all of the work myself. If you have a larger need for content, I may hire a team to help deliver everything on time, but I would still oversee everything personally.  Do you also write in Spanish? Yes, I can also provide copy and keyword research in Spanish and Portuguese. How do you research your blogs? I have unique processes for researching your brand, industry, SEO opportunities, and target audience behavior. I have a background in journalism and always cite any claims or information that would require a reference.  Is alt text included? Yes. Title, meta description, and URL are included on each brief. I will also include captions, file names, and alt text for up to 3 images that you provide for each article or page.  Can you publish the blog on my website? I will provide a deliverable that gives clear and comprehensive direction for publishing your blog content, but in my experience it's best to leave the publishing to your internal team.  Do you write scripts for videos and podcasts? Yes!  This purchase can also count towards a 5-minute YouTube video script and brief which will include a video description, keywords, chapters, and recommended hashtags.

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