Creative Feedback

Every story needs a second pair of eyes, The feedback we provide is thorough, encouraging, and in the best interest of making your story the best it can be! Feel free to place an order with whoever's style looks best to you.

Feedback is for short scripts up to 20 pages for $35 USD

Kathy Fleig

"My favorite feedback discussess the positives/what's working, and any ways to strengthen those. Then it touches on what's not working and gives ideas to fix things. It ends with encouragement in the form of a synopsis of the strengths, and a sort of "rah rah keep going."

Jason Hewett

I give straightforward feedback that serves the story, not your ego.

Ray Pendleton

"In my career, the feedback I've been most thankful for is often the hardest to hear in the moment. It feels nice when someone says your writing is great, but what I've found more rewarding is having my name on a story that has been purified through the fires of revisions. It's hard work, but if you're invested, then I'm committed to giving you what you need to push your story to the next level."

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