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Startup Copywriting Special

Think of your favorite ads. Let's bring THAT into your mission statement.

The Startup Copywriting Special is for a homepage or landing page that makes your startup hard to miss and hard to resist.

Badass Copywriting for Startups 

Most common request I get from startups looks something like this:

"Well Jason, honestly I'd love to do something like Dollar Shave Club, but people need to take us seriously so I guess we're also looking for sophisticated, and we're going to have a real impact so maybe inspirational?'


Roger that. 

Your startup isn’t some cheap f@&!ing razor. Your startup is a f&@$!ing cutting edge laser, aimed at a problem no other business knows how to solve as well as yours.


Let’s develop a pitch that puts your startup in the best light possible. A foundation of messaging that can take you through funding, launch, and beyond.

What this Package includes

Kickoff call - we can shoot the shit or cut straight to the crap. Whichever is more your style, it helps us reach the same conclusion of a clearly-defined brand. 


Landing page deliverable - By default, I’ll provide you with a basic structure that mimics this landing page you’re reading now:


  1. Overview slogan

  2. Hook and pitch

  3. Plain and simple what it is

  4. Purchasing/donating process

  5. Sell em on the dream and call to action


Three rounds of deliverables (first draft + two optional rounds of revisions)


Copywriting is a collaborative process, and much like engineering, you’ve got to build something and test it a few times before it’s ready to launch. 


My style is to throw a lot of things at the wall and see what sticks, and let you decide between 3-5 of the best options each round. 


Most clients like to leave comments, like edits, and suggestions on the google doc (or preferred platform such as figma) but we can also meet virtually to review!

Let's Do This


How long will it take? Each round usually takes 5-7 business days depending on availability. Rush delivery is possible but doesn’t always yield as great results. What if we get it right the first time? Even Don Draper doesn’t expect to always get it exactly right on the first try, but it does happen sometimes. One reason we budget for extra time in this package is so that we can also explore ways to reach different audiences for you—we don’t usually intend to do variations for the hell of it… unless you want to. Who knows? We could come up with something better than expected, or there could be more than one landing page you want to launch. If you ever want to see more options, you can purchase additional hours to keep things rolling. What if we want something on the longer side? No problem, but first might point you towards an SEO package to maximize the potential and reach of that length. Or a white paper. I write those too. This package includes up to ~1,000 words (about a full page google doc) but If it’s looking like your page is going to be longer than that, we’ll likely be looking at purchasing some additional hours after the first or second round of revisions.

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