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I offer SEO Services and Content Strategy including and not limited to

SEO Services

  • SEO audits

  • Keyword research and analysis

  • Technical SEO audits

  • Web content audits

  • Competitor analysis audits

  • Content briefs (page-specific recommendations) 

Content Strategy

  • Brand strategy

  • Blog content strategy

  • Social Media content strategy

  • YouTube/TikTok content strategy

  • Email campaign strategy

Hourly Retainers

For general consulting and analysis on an as-needed basis, most clients enjoy purchasing 4-6 hours in advance for the month. Any unused hours do not expire and may be refunded.

Flat Rate Package Process

Most clients prefer to invest in SEO services and content strategies package​s in order to lock in the project and delivery dates. These packages also make it easier for us to measure results together. All packages may be customized. 

The standard process for service packages is outlined as follows:

1. Kickoff call The kickoff call is where we discuss the vision and goals for your business. Specifically, we are going to define what audience(s) we want to be able to find your website. 2. Content Audit ​ Based on your vision, your website gets a high-level evaluation for on-page SEO elements--these are the customer-facing elements such as text, formatting, images, etc. During this process, 1-5 pillar pages will be identified--these will be pages that serve to drive the most sales for your business and should be supported by other content such as blogs and social media.  ​ 2a. Technical Audit (if purchased) Technical SEO audits make you aware of anything that could inhibit your website's ability to rank or become indexed--things like load time, broken links, sitemap, schema, etc. Technical SEO audits culminate with two main deliverables: a report of findings and action item list. Technical SEO audits may be purchased individually or as an add-on.  3. Keyword Audit and Research ​ Using professional SEO tools, your website will be audited to determine what keyword(s) it is currently ranking for, and what keyword(s) we should target in order to best grow your online presence, gain more traffic, and ultimately drive more sales. ​ 3a. 1/2 Check-in Meeting (optional) ​ The main purpose of this meeting is for you to approve the selection of pillar pages and general keyword targeting strategy. If you purchased a technical audit, you may receive its report at this time. There is no additional charge for this meeting. ​ 4. Content Brief Creation ​ At this stage I will begin creating content briefs for your pillar pages with high-level instructions for copywriters to complete them, or as an add-on service, provide the copy myself. Each content brief will contain high-level analysis of competitors and/or webpages that rank for your targeted keywords.  ​ 4a. Competitor and Industry Trend Analysis (if purchased) ​ The competitor and industry trend analysis evaluates consumer behavior and competitor activity over a period of the most recent 3-12 months. In other words, you can see what's been working (or not) for your competition and what your target audience has been responding to. This service culminates in a report and presentation at the final delivery stage. ​ 5. Final Delivery and Presentation ​ All content briefs will be delivered to you along with all applicable reports, plus the slides from the virtual presentation. You will also receive a roadmap outlining and forecasting the pros and cons of recommended potential next steps, such as blogging, social media, podcasting, etc. 

Do you offer white label services? Sometimes, depending on the project and what tools your agency uses for SEO audits. If we have this meeting and I can't help you, I will refund you. What SEO Tools Do You Use? I use professional SEO tools. For keyword research I usually cross-reference multiple sources. Can you sign an NDA before this meeting? Absolutely. Do you have a technical SEO background? Yes, I can diagnose technical SEO issues such as page load time, metadata, broken links, schema issues, etc. and provide clear, high-level instructions for what needs to be fixed. The how to fix it will be up to your developers. What's your approach to keyword research? I find keywords that are relevant to search intent and value proposition, meaning we're not just putting words on a page for it to rank, we're creating authoritative content in order to enhance user experience. We're just trying to get a price. Can you send us a free estimate? I offer package rates that are publicly disclosed here on my website--those can help you estimate the price for my services, and whatever you want to charge your client is between you and them. If you'd like guidance on how to price your services, we can talk about that in this meeting--I'd be happy to help during our next session which can be booked here: Can you teach me SEO? Yes: Do you offer SEO services in other languages? Yes, currently Spanish and Portuguese.

SEO Services FAQ

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