My Story Got Me a Scholarship, So Will Yours

Most college applicants make the mistake of telling their school of choice how great they are. Why they deserve the scholarship. Why they want to go to that school.


Are you one of them?


Better question is why is that a mistake? After all, we’re told that students who get scholarships are great, deserving, and they want it.


But they don’t always get it.


Because they made the mistake of telling, when they should be showing.


Show Them the Future


Imagine that you did get into their school--what’s in it for them? You get good grades and have a good time and eventually become a doctor?


Well, sort of. More specifically, you’re successful at their school, which means you encourage other people to come to the school. You attract prestige to their university. Basically, you’re making them more money, and that’s why they’ll want to invest in you.


Stop thinking in terms of whether or not you deserve it or anything--everyone deserves it. Everyone wants it. Not everyone gets it.


But you get it. Because you are in control of your own destiny.


Your story is unique. That’s why you can’t just hire anyone to write an essay for you, you need to hire someone who knows your story and knows what the university is looking for.


To see a sample of what I’d do for an engineering student applying for the University of Delaware: click here

My Success


I’ve gotten scholarships for myself and friends to schools across the country and even abroad. Private liberal arts schools, state schools, and legendary schools like Full Sail University and La Universidad de Salamanca.


Of course, since I’m no the Dean of Admissions I can’t guarantee anything… but I’m confident enough that if you show me the rejection letter you will get your money back. 

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