What is SEO Copywriting?

Those who invest in SEO without good copywriting, are wasting time and money. Sure, if the SEO is good people will find your website... but if all they see are a bunch of keywords on the page with lackluster copy, your business will make a lackluster impression.

I get hired to fix this sort of problem all the time.

Let's make sure when people find your website, they're seeing the best of your business.

Why are blogs so important for SEO?

Blogs are the best tool for SEO because you can effectively use a blog to provide direct answers and information your customers have.

You can also do this with video content on platforms like YouTube, but blogs are better for SEO because of their words.

When search engines comb the internet for content, they are scanning words that appear on webpages including the content of your blog, all its headings and subheadings, the names of the pictures on your blog--everything! That's why the more words the better.

What should I blog about?

That depends on a lot of things, from what your goals are, what you want to be known for, and how you want to reach your target audience.

Generally speaking you want to blog about topics that give you an opportunity to - show people you are an expert in your field

- show your business as a solution to common problems

- engage people with interesting facts and stories

How often should I post on my blog?

That also depends. There are no right or wrong answers--but ideally you want to post consistently both in terms of when and how often.

Most of my clients select one of the following packages

Testing the waters - 1-4 blogs per month

This is good for new websites who want to get a feel for what content sticks with their readers.

Standard SEO - 2 blogs per week

This strategy suits a website that wants to hit its stride with SEO and is ready to commit to a few months of regular posting, typically on a Wed/Friday publishing schedule.

Enterprise SEO - 4+ blogs per week

This is a better option for enterprise clients or someone who has both a big budget and a large audience to reach.

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