What is an SEO Audit?

My SEO audits provide insights for what can be done to improve your website's SEO, what's working for your competitors, and how to best connect with your target audience.

-Keywords and phrases users are searching for

-What keywords and phrases are driving traffic to your website

-What's working for your competitors

-How you can structure your content for SEO

-What blog content to focus on

-How to pair SEO with social media strategy

What is an SEO Score? (And why I don't use them)

An SEO score is an arbitrary measure of how well your website is LIKELY to perform.

There are all kinds of ways to measure an SEO score, and given that there is no standard criteria, I tend to take SEO scores with a grain of salt.

It's important to make sure that your SEO auditor is finding genuine opportunities for you to improve your website rather than creating problems that you can hire them to solve.

Genuine problems include but are not limited to issues such as:

-Page load time -Non-responsiveness (ie something doesn't fit on a mobile screen)

-Meta descriptions are too long

-Lack of words on a given page

-Lack of images or readability on a blog post

-Spelling or grammar errors

-Appreciably similar content

Common advice to take with a grain of salt

-Your homepage wordcount is too low

-Your sentences are "too complex"

-Your images have no alt text (sometimes it's best to leave them blank)

-We found 900 more errors than your other SEO auditor just did

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