This is One SEO Habit Businesses Tend to Get Right

If there's one thing I think many businesses are consistently doing right, it's posting regularly.

Even if your article isn’t perfect or even if it’s not optimized, it’s often better to get it out there than not.

Basically for the same reason that it is useful to start saving for retirement early, even if you only start with $10. The value of time and compounding interest can take that $10 a lot farther than waiting a few years to start with $100.

Similarly, optimizing an article that already has 10 views will often compound faster than starting from scratch.

The catch, if you publish something that is so bad that everyone who reads it bounces off it will develop a reputation with the algorithms so to speak.

But that usually happens when people crank out a lot of bad content that’s trying to hack the system.

If you’re being genuine, that will resonate with the few people, your friends and family who actually take the time to read your blog to support your business.

Later on, those views will pay off when you invest in optimized content, and you can get honest feedback on your content in the meantime.


Start posting regularly if you're not doing so already.

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