SEO TIP - When to Tell Your Audience What They Don't Wanna Hear

Let's say you're doing SEO for an auto shop called... Auto Shops and Detailers.

You find a ton of search volume for "how long can you go without an oil change" and forums like reddit and quora are ranking for it, because someone asked the question in the forum.

There's so much bad advice in the forum. The people asking the question are not likely your ideal customers. Should you ignore the keyword?

SEO Strategy for Auto Shops and Detailers

  1. Write an article called "How Long Can You Go Without an Oil Change" and make that the primary keyword.

  2. Tell everyone who reads your article what the consequences of not getting an oil change can be.

  3. Show them the benefits of getting an oil change with your company are--highlight what sets you apart from other auto shops and any promotional deals, but the focus of the article is not about what you're selling.

  4. The focus of your article is your values:

  • You value the safety of everyone who drives in your community.

  • You value taking care of cars so that everyone can get the most mileage out of their cars.

  • You value using premium environmentally safe products, or you value using the cheapest products possible so you can pass off the discount to your customers--whatever distinguishes your products from your competition.

SEO Search Intent Isn't Always Right

In this instance, the search intent are individuals looking to put off an oil change, which can be dangerous. Conventional SEO wisdom would say these individuals have no interest in buying your product, therefore don't try to reach them. But search intent doesn't always reveal someone's values.

It's possible that someone who wants to put off getting an oil change doesn't realize the harm it can do to their vehicle, and if they only knew regular oil changes will help increase the lifespan of their vehicle they'd get one.

It's possible someone is trying to save money, but you can help them realize that it will cost them more to repair any damage from not getting an oil change, so by keeping up with regular maintenance they'll actually safe more time and money.

It's possible someone doesn't want to get an oil change because they're concerned about the process or products used--environmental safety, paying for something they don't need, or not getting a good enough product for what they're paying. By highlighting the distinguishing features of your process and products, you may be able to satisfy some of their objections.

TLDR - Know When to Make Keywords Relevant to Your Brand

There's a time an place to use every keyword you come across in your SEO research. Organizing and prioritizing keywords is certainly more of an art than a science, but whatever you use, it's important to make sure you're relating the topic and keyword(s) to values.

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