SEO Makeover for Websites And Platforms

If you're not ready for a blog and just want to get a boost of traffic for your website, let's just do a quick and simple SEO makeover.

This is a great way to test the waters of SEO to see what kind of impact it has on your business while getting a personalized SEO makeover for your website.

Who this service is best For

  • Local businesses who want to appear in google searches (ie dental practice near me, auto repair shop near me, music recording studio near me, etc.)

  • Youtube channels looking to refresh older videos to compete with new content

  • Artists and freelancers who find on work on a platforms like Backstage, Fiverr, LinkedIn etc.

  • Ecommerce stores looking for listing optimization (eBay, etsy, shopify, etc.)

  • Anyone who wants to refresh their website for writing and SEO

What Do SEO Services for My Website Actually Do?

  • SEO is a tool and strategy that helps your website get found on search engines like Google.

  • SEO helps increase traffic immediately and over time.

  • Here’s the nuts and bolts of how it works:

My Standard Services Include

  • Consultation - Happy to chat about the scope of the project and answer any questions.

  • Professional research - I use professional SEO tools like Ubersuggest AND I do intuitive research on your competitors to find out what your audience likes and how to reach them.

  • Copywriting - in addition to SEO services for your website I provide fresh professional copy. A lot of clients ask me to add humor or match a certain tone they like.

  • Image optimization - Basically I rename the image files. Not everyone offers this service, perhaps because this can be tedious work, but it really makes a difference.

  • Revisions - The project isn’t done until you’re satisfied.

  • Flat Rates & Customization - To fit the needs of your project and scope of your budget.

What Do These SEO Services Cost?

Let me know what you need and I’ll give you a free quote!

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