Before You Buy: Understanding SEO Content Briefs

Content briefs are among the most highly requested services from Jason Hewett LLC, and for a good reason: content briefs are essentially blueprints for excellent SEO content.

What is an SEO Content Brief?

An SEO content brief is a deliverable that provides instructions for what content to put on a webpage, listing, article, and/or video.

Common reasons to purchase SEO content briefs:

  • Provide clear and accurate SEO direction to in-house copywriters

  • Optimize or create pages to drive revenue

  • Upgrade specific pages

An SEO Content Brief is a Blueprint for a "Room" on Your Website

Think of a content brief as a blueprint for a virtual building. The content brief helps ensure that it will be "built to code" so that search engines will refer people to your business, and that your visitors will be able to find exactly what they need. The copywriters are like the interior designers who flesh out the blueprint and make your vision come to life. Then the web developers are like the carpenters and painters who execute the blueprint. Thanks to the content brief, they know how to name and format the text and images on your webpage so that search engines will present it.

Measure Twice, Cut Once One of the best benefits of SEO Content Briefs is how much time they save. Writers spend less time creating and revising, and you won't have to worry about renovating your website for SEO--you can just monitor trends and grow!

Types of SEO Content Briefs

New Content Brief

New content briefs are used for developing new content such as landing pages, product pages, and blog articles. Most of my content strategy packages include new content briefs so that you get both the high-level strategy and the first few steps taken care of.

Existing Content Briefs

Existing page briefs provide guidance for how to improve a webpage, article, or listing that is already published and live on the internet. Most of my clients request existing content briefs so that we can improve the rankability of a website that has underperforming SEO.