This is for a project called Freelance Theory, which is a free resource for freelancers to navigate negotiating rates, finding work, dealing with clients, etc.


Or living/working as a freelance editor in an English-speaking country. This is because we are trying to reach an audience of English-speakers in the US. We want to use natural language to motivate and empower GenZ/millennials without sounding like corporate cringe.


Your service would be managing and coordinating freelancers to turn in assignments for the duration of a campaign, or a certain number of articles, likely 2-5 per week for a month type of thing. You might want to write some of them yourself, have your dog write it for all I care as long as it's good--but I also have great writers I can connect you with.

You edit them for grammar/punctuation and style--your style. Freelance theory has general guidelines but not so much a style guide, so you're a big part of shaping the voices of each contributor. You’re editing stuff according to YOUR vision. Create something that you’d want to show off in your portfolio.

No BS meetings, no set hours, 100% remote.

Here's what I'm looking for:


--Edit articles for grammar/punctuation and above all else voice. Bringing out the best in writers and creating content that’s truly going to help someone and not bore them to death.

--Finding images to be used in blogs. Stock photos are perfectly fine, we just want to make the blogs pretty.

--Suggest topics as you see fit. Got ideas? I’m always open to them.

Project management

--Coordinate with freelance writers and SEO analysts to make sure assignments get turned in. Maintaining a content calendar / keeping track of what assignments have been done, have they been published, etc. I don’t care how you keep track of things as long as I can understand it.

Recommended to use Monday, Asana, Trello, or project management software of your choice and include the fees for purchasing subscriptions to it in your rate.

--maintaining a website to-do list, adding to it wherever you see issues with images, inaccuracies, etc.

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Must be someone who offers freelance editing/project management services to the public.

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