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NYC Audio Theater Writing Contest Submissions FAQ

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

We have received over 250 submissions from more than 150 playwrights from around the US and the world--more than six countries in fact. We were thrilled to have received so many submissions!

Who Is Running the contest?

I, Jason Hewett, am running the contest. More about me on my website, facebook, and/or linkedin.

Also worth mentioning that I have recruited a handful of panelists to help me judge the entries. Read more about them here.

When Will Winners Be Notified?

My contests are unique in that everyone who submits gets a response, and the longer you have to wait for a response, the farther along your entry has moved in the contest.

There are a lot of submissions and a very small team, and I want to give every entry careful consideration.

That said, I’ve been reading plays since they’ve been coming in, so you can expect to hear from me soon if your submission has moved on or not.

If I Win, How Do We Handle Production Rights?

I wanted to be really flexible about this, but it’s a cutthroat world out there, so winning entries will receive an offer to have the rights to your script purchased.

  1. You MUST Own the Exclusive Rights to Your Script in Order to Have it Produced in this Contest. Apologies this wasn't more clear sooner, I wanted to be very lax about this but after speaking with some legal experts I had to revise my policy a little bit. It's fine if it was produced at XYZ regional theater before, or even produced for audio/radio before, but it's not fine if that regional theater or production company wants to tell us to take it down or that we can’t produce it. Unfortunately this also means you can't just have the script produced somewhere else AND for NYC ATWC at the same time... unless they purchase royalties. Winners and I can chat about how we share those royalties ;) Yes, (likely) talking about a permanent transfer of ownership of the [audio] play so that I can have the podcast up for a long time, use it to promote future contests, use it to promote my work, and also promote the work of the writer. I envision a possibility of working together--if I own the full rights and theater XYZ wants to purchase royalties the playwright and I would split them. I would also be marketing the shit out of your play with the hopes of selling royalties to share with you. Details to be ironed out in an actual contract.

  2. You Will Always retain Credit for Your Work, and We Honor Authorial Intent. While our ultimate goal is serving the audience, and while the producer/rights owner has the ultimate say in if and how the script is adapted, I'm not Hollywood. I'm not going to intentionally ruin anyone's story and I plan on working closely with the playwright, director, and production team in a truly collaborative manner.

  3. If You Would Like to Withdrawal Your Entry, Please let us Know ASAP! It's tempting to see how far your entry goes, but in the interest of respecting the panelists' time please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to withdrawal your entry for any reason. No hard feelings, no bridges burned, but while we have no entry fee and we're considering your work for free please be mindful of that!

If I Don't Win, Can I At Least Get Feedback?

As a matter of fact, yes.

We will be offering detailed feedback services, hosting workshops (both online and in NYC) and more.

Rates and details TBD.

Stay tuned!

What Does A Fully Produced Audio Play Mean?

The winning entries will be featured in a showcase which will run 40-60 minutes. At the very least, the showcase will be recorded and edited by professional audio engineers and released for free on typical podcast platforms in order to draw in as large an audience as possible.

Here's a sample of similar work I've done:

I'm also looking into having a staged reading of the showcase. If you know of an affordable venue that can host the event, please let me know!

How Can I Help Support NYC ATWC?

Sponsor! Have something to advertise? Know someone who's looking to advertise? Put them in touch! Help us Find a Venue for a Staged Reading Preferably an intimate space in a convenient location in Manhattan. Doesn't have to be a theater, just somewhere people can come and experience theater!


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The NYC Audio Theater Writing Contest is an independent production. Details are subject to change.

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