Jason's Journey: The Classic Saxophone Project

Proud to announce I will be working with Classical Saxophone Project to promote their excellent music and educational programs that bring the arts to communities all across the New York City area and beyond!

Be sure to give the Classical Saxophone Project facebook page a like (@ClassicSaxProject) to show your support and stay tuned for upcoming concerts, events, and more!

Classical Saxophone Project is a mission to inspire people with music and welcome more people into the symphony, and honestly, I'm most excited to see the shows and enjoy that experience with as many people as possible.

This is a really exciting opportunity for me both personally and professionally. Professionally because I want to do more with the arts, and personally because... I uh.... I'm not trying to be pretentious but I actually really like the classical music.

True story.

Play It By Ear

I'm not a musician myself, but I have a good ear for sounds--that's my natural talent and why I can do so many accents and impressions as a voice actor. In high school, I was able to pick up the guitar and learn a few chords and basic riffs rather easily, but beyond that I realized that it would take a tremendous amount of practice to get good enough to really play, and I decided to pursue other paths while enjoying the music that true musicians play.

I think my favorite tends to be watching and listening to people play drums, two of my best friends growing up were drummers and I was always amazed at how they could play quarter notes with one hand, half notes with one foot, eighth notes with the other hand, and then half notes with the other foot...

All at the same time.

It creates a harmony that dazzles me. The rhythms that come together, the skill it takes to create that, I enjoy taking it all in so much. Especially while I'm working, driving, or even just taking a walk.

I'm also a huge fan of orchestral music, because like the drums that my friends play, the harmony, the skill, the awe I have for not just the musicians, but also the composers that are able to somehow put it all together... I wish I could describe the journey that music that they play takes me on but I don't speak the language of musicians, and also because I guess I haven't experienced enough of it live.

I'm excited to see my first Classical Saxophone Project on October 10th in New York City, where I'll be able to learn more about the history of the Saxophone and the orchestra in general. Of course, doing marketing for the Classical Saxophone Project will teach me a lot about the orchestra community at large, and from what I know so far, it can be difficult to get people to come to concerts.

But when they do come, they love it.

For a lot of people it may seem like the orchestra is some inaccessible ivory tower that's only for the elite--I think that's how many people feel about theater, dance, and art galleries too. But the Classical Saxophone Project aims to change that by opening its doors to anyone who will listen, while still respecting many traditions of the symphony.

I honestly and truly am not just saying all this, and I didn't get paid to write this article--this is my personal blog--I'm really excited to see Classical Saxophone Project live.

I Get My Love of Music From My Family

My parents and sister like music well enough, but none of us are musicians though we can all carry a tune at least. My dad especially loves jam bands and growing up we would always listen to live concerts of the Grateful Dead, Dave Matthews Band. And his mother loved classical. My mother and her side of the family also love music, but to her the lyrics and story behind the music was just as important, if not moreso than the music itself.

To me, both are important and I have a slight preference for the music--guitar solos are never long enough for me and I love jam bands as much as my father, but I like to joke that if the story is good enough, I'll put up with country.

More than anything right now I wish Zayde, Grandmom, and Grandmother could see me doing this. While none of them were musicians per se, Zayde loved to sing and they were all avid music lovers, and whether intentionally or through their example, they taught me to appreciate music in different ways.

Zayde was very involved in barbershop Quartet concerts, and even just walking along the boardwalk singing with his quartet for passerbys, and he always liked to think that young people were interested in the show because of him and grandmom would joke that he was just trying to make her jealous, but really the whole time he was singing for her. They were happily married for more than 50 years and I could always see how they loved each other in how they joked around with each other at dinner, and in special moments when Zayde would sing for her. Grandmom helped make their costumes and told me that one of her favorite parts of the performance in concert was being able to hear the history behind the music, and that was always Zayde's favorite part to tell.

And anyone who lived on the east coast from 1980-2005 may have been unknowingly passed by a little old lady in a big green minivan--that was my grandmother, Annagrace Carlson-Hewett, known for having a lead foot behind the wheel but she always BLASTED classical music.

So the story goes, I always remember her being a safe driver with me in the van but hey. If there's a highway in heaven, I'll bet she's never thought to ask about there being a speed limit.

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