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A marketing agency is a business that provides comprehensive marketing services--everything you need from social media management to freelance writing. The advantage of hiring a marketing agency is that you can outsource your marketing responsibilities instead of building and hiring your own in-house team.

Many businesses prefer to hire freelancers instead of marketing agencies so that they get specialized, personalized, and prioritized service.

For example, I might not hire an agency to design a logo because I want to be able to customize the project and develop a relationship with the designer so that we’re on the same page about the brand image.

Ideally, you have a specialist handling every task, and that’s why big companies hire in-house teams outsource to freelancers.

But it can get exhausting managing all those freelancers for all of your marketing needs--many businesses partner with marketing agencies for peace of mind and stability but they miss out on that personalized experience.

Hire a Freelance Project Manager

I have the capacity to operate like a marketing agency by offering packages and managing projects.

For example here’s an idea of my best selling package

Jason Hewett's Standard SEO Service Package Includes

  • Defining target audience and reviewing strategy

  • Writing and publishing well written blog content

  • Adding new content every month

  • Refreshing SEO every month

  • Actively reaching out to relevant influencers for backlinks, cross promotion, etc.

  • Customized components to suit your budget and needs

  • Consistent monthly flat rates (contact me for more details)

Sometimes I’m asked if I also happen to do web design, podcast production, video editing, translation, social media management...

The answer is always yes.

I was a jack-of-all-trades in college, throwing myself at any and every opportunity that looked interesting in order to learn what I love and what I’m good at.

I’ve worked professionally in every marketing capacity you can think of from video editing and graphic design to social media management and lesson planning.

Now as a professional I know my strengths, and I focus on them.

But because I have experience in so many different creative avenues, it’s given me several distinct advantages:

  1. A robust network

  2. An eye for quality

  3. Realistic expectations of project scopes and costs

Feel free to tap into my network: if there’s something you need that I can’t personally do for you, I’m always happy to refer you or manage the project for you.

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