Seeking scripts for Audio Theater up to 10 minutes long

Any Genre; Comedy Preferred

Strongest consideration will be given to ensemble cast pieces that are funny, adventurous, and action packed.

Yes, non-audio theater plays will be considered

You are welcome to submit a story, script, etc. that wasn’t originally written for audio and we can adapt it… but strong preference will be given to stories that are already written for audio. 

-Profanity is fine, but it might be bleeped out for comedic effect

Qualification Checklist
Before submitting, make sure your story satisfies the following criteria

-My script is 100% original and does not infringe on any copyright
-My script is roughly 10-15 pages long (shorter is fine) 
-My story is suited for dramatization, it is not a documentary or interview
-My story is not excessively hateful, violent, sexual,  (you get the idea)
-My story isn’t boring!

September 06, 2019

To Submit, please send up to 3 scripts to

Please include in your submission
-a brief author bio
-Link to website/social (optional)
-what city you live in
-anything else you’d like to share

Winners will be notified shortly after the contest deadline.

Payment via paypal or venmo.


Meet the contest panelists:

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Our Mission 

To open more doors to the theater.

We want this art form to inspire playwrights to create without boundaries of the physical stage and production costs, and welcome an even wider audience with stories that feature fresh voices, big characters, and even bigger imaginations.


The NYC Audio Theater Writing Contest
Hosted by Jason Hewett

Cash Prizes & Full Production of Your Script
1st Place Winner - $200
Finalist - $100
Semi Finalist - $50

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