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Firing up The Grill

I'm a huge fan of cooking and in addition to great recipes for dinner, I know how to serve up valuable content to readers without being too "salesy" or pushing the product. Check out some of my favoirte pieces I wrote for Traeger:



#Relationshipping with Lieberman Clinical Services

Shlomo Lieberman is the leading expert in #Relationshipping and I am his ghostwriter and social media manager.



Affiliate Blogging:

Broing Out With Bar Games 101 Is your go-to website for how to play pool, darts, shuffleboard and now an American college classic: beer pong.

These samples show how I write about products and integrate SEO seamlessly into a fun and casual writing style.


Recontextualizing the Environment

I believe in convenient truths.


Caring for the environment doesn't have to be inconvenient. When we think of going green as a pleasure as opposed to an obligation, we feel more empowered to make a difference. Check out how my writing informs, interests, and inspires actions.



Gluten Free Articles

I've had celiac disease since I was 9 years old.


Since then, there's been an explosion of gluten free food that's available to people who maintain gluten free diets for their health. Over the years I've experimented with tasting gluten free substitute foods and trying to make my own


Personal Narratives

Check out my blog!


The story of how I began freelancing was featured in the book How to Write and Get Paid: 11 Case Studies of Freelance Writing Success by Jacob Jans

This is a guest blog I wrote for about teaching personal finance in the Greater New York City Area.

A personal narrative about living with diabetes on medium.



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